Practical and Inspirational art books

Art books Practical and Inspirational

Art books, practical and inspirational

If I’m not painting or drawing, I’ll either be thinking about it or reading about it. All part of the self-education process and aiming to be as well informed as possible. There is no substitute to putting in the time with your own painting practice, but it’s always useful to get a few guidelines from the pros. I have taken so many guidelines from these books that some of them have more bookmarks than pages ! Here’s the tip of the iceberg…

art books practical and inspirational


Practical and Inspirational art books


A few favourites – The Staithes Group, Laura Knight, Gyorgy Gordon, N.C Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, Borlase Smart, Peter Brook, Shishkin, Hammershoi, Whistler and his followers, Ken Howard, Alfred Heaton Cooper, Monet, Gustav Klimt and Georges Seurat… if I had all the money that I’ve spent over the years on books about painting and drawing, I’d spend it on books about painting and drawing !

it’s all well and good, until you need to move them all !

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