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Painting on Chorleywood common with Bonzo

About Mark Taylor painter and illustrator.

My outdoor and studio painting is concerned with the effects of light and atmosphere in the landscape. I spend as much time as possible painting from direct observation ‘en plein air’. Studies are made in front of the subject, usually around 10 x 8 ins in size. I block in the main lighting effects and composition in one and a half to two hours, before the light changes too much. If  this study needs more work, and I am lucky with the weather, I will make repeat visits to the same spot at the same time of day to develop the painting further. These studies can then be worked up into a larger painting back in the studio. This may take a few days, or a few weeks. My regular painting haunt is Chorleywood common, and sometimes the river Chess valley. I am always looking for new painting locations. My favourite regions for painting include the Yorkshire Dales and coastline, Cornwall and the Lake District.

‘Light and Atmosphere in the Landscape’ is my ongoing theme and I am developing a body of work to present as an exhibition in the very near future. One of my coastal paintings was selected and exhibited at the Royal Institute Of Oil Painters exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, 2014.

Art college and illustration for publishing.

Following an Art Foundation year at Wakefield College of Art I gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration at Maidstone College Of Art. I started my career as a freelance artist producing illustration for Publishing, Advertising and Design. I used traditional paint media of all kinds. Book cover illustrations were made for Pan, Penguin, Harper Collins, Scholastic and Time/Warner. I painted portraits of Michael Dukakis and Nigel Lawson for BBC Panorama. I produced artwork and contributed to the editorial for several ‘how-to’ books such as ‘The Encyclopedia Of Airbrush Techniques’, ‘The Airbrush Artists Pocket Palette’, and ‘The Airbrush Artists Library’ series.

A few examples of book cover illustrations made in traditional paint media… (click to enlarge)

about Mark Taylor painter and illustratorabout Mark Taylor painter and illustratorabout Mark Taylor painter and illustratorabout Mark Taylor painter and illustrator

about Mark Taylor painter and illustratorabout Mark Taylor painter and illustrator


Digital illustration for film.

I was introduced to digital painting at Team17 Software in Wakefield, where I spent seven years in the computer games industry. Following that I spent ten years in the film industry as a digital painter in London. I painted textures and matte paintings for feature films such as ‘Gravity’, ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, ‘Paddington’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘The Prince Of Persia’, ‘Australia’, ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and ‘Dunkirk’ (IMAX). My film credits are listed here on the International Movie Data Base.

This is an example of a digital matte painting that I made for Baz Lurmann’s feature film ‘Australia’.

about Mark Taylor painter and illustrator


about Mark Taylor painter and illustrator